Franco Taddeo

Still basking in the glow of his breakout appearance on the CBC comedy special, Whose Canada Is It?, Franco Taddeo and his stand-up are deeply rooted in the fact that he’s Italian Canadian—”Italians never go camping. You will never see four or five Italians hanging out in the woods. And if you should happen on four or five Italians in the woods, I promise, at least one of them is never coming back.” But don’t worry—he has a lot to say about being Canadian too: “The International Olympic Committee awarded Canada—after years of trying—the Winter Olympics. And as soon as we were awarded the Olympics, we held them in Vancouver, the only city in this country that doesn’t actually have winter. I can’t wait until we bid for the 2020 summer Olympics in Nunavut.” This is gonna be a show you can’t refuse!

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